Extreme NO Effects

Here’s a list of what you can expect to get from Extreme NO:

-Day long release

With Extreme NO you don’t only get your NO boost before your workout, you will feel the amazing effects all day long. You can now keep this amazing pump that you get while you workout. This phenomenon is called sustained extreme pumps. Serious bodybuilders know the skin-ripping, super-pumped look they get immediately after an insane workout session. You too probably know that feeling. Now, with Extreme NO, you keep it all day long. You will fell and look great.k they get immediately after

-Fast post-workout recovery

Extreme NO not only gives you a great workout, it also helps you recover faster. When L-Arginine changes into nitric oxide, it causes blood vessel relaxation (also known as vasodilation). It has been observed that vasodilation can help for wound healing and bodybuilding.

-Increases strength

Extreme NO, with its L-Arginine active ingredient, will increase the NO level in your body. That causes more blood to flow in your blood vessels. As your blood flow increases, your muscles will get more oxygen. When your muscle Ā«breathesĀ» more, it will make you stronger.

-Increases muscle growth

While you use Extreme NO, you will experience an increase in strength. The direct result will be that you will push heavier weights and break down your muscle fiber more than ever before. This is a good thing! The more you break your muscle fiber, the more they will grow as you recover from your workout.

-Increases muscle mass

Does increased muscle mass sounds good to you? Well so far so good. As you use Extreme NO you will be stronger, you will push heavier weights, this will cause your muscle fiber to break down more. If you want to get bigger, you have to EAT big. To increase your muscle mass, there is 2 essential elements: big workouts, and eat BIG! There is no way around it! For this part, I highly recommend having a meal plan that will fit your goals. Extreme NO is one of the tools that will help you accomplish your goals.

-Better focus during workouts

Another great effect of Extreme NO, is that it will help you be more focused during your workout sessions. This is also caused by the vasodilation phenomenon. Extreme NO will cause more blood to flow into your brain, which will result in better focus and concentration. You want to get big? You need to be focused! Focused on your goals, and focused on your workouts.