Extreme Weight Loss is Risky at Best

America is more overweight than ever, so it is almost understandable how so many people get caught in the trap of extreme weight loss. Extreme diets are a potentially deadly trap that desperate people attempt because they are extremely frustrated with their situation. To make matters worse it is almost impossible to find solid information out there that doesn’t conflict.

What is one to do with so much misleading information about diet, exercise, and nutrition? One thing not to do is attempt to lose extreme amounts of weight in attempt to kick-start you weight loss action plan and here are some reasons why.

Reason one- Losing extreme amounts of weight is extremely dangerous. If you have certain medical conditions it can even be deadly. Sometimes people even cut back severely on the amount of water they take in believing that they won’t retain water weight if they take in less water. You can see that mis-information is not only annoying it can be dangerous. Your body needs nutrients on a regular basis to function properly, the list of problems that can occur if you attempt extreme weight loss tactics is enormous.

Reason two- It is painful. Starving yourself is not fun; going days or weeks on severe deficiencies of food is a horrible way to live. The lack of energy and the mood swings one experiences on severe calorie deficits is uncomfortable to say the least. One often becomes sick easily and can vomit in extreme cases.

Reason three- It is unnecessary. The best way to lose weight is healthfully. The issue of weight loss has to with lifestyle. The key is to begin to change your lifestyle and the extra weight will follow. If for example you never exercise then it’s time to figure out what it is that will motivate you to exercise. You can actually lose weight relatively quickly once you make a shift to a healthy lifestyle. The best part is that these changes are more permanent as apposed to a quick fix.

Ultimately, losing weight really isn’t about the food we eat, whether or not we exercise or lift weights, it is about the way we think. The mistake most people make is that they get focused purely on the goal of weight loss and they wonder why they get burned out in the gym or can’t lose the weight, ultimately leading to some form of extreme weight loss diet. There are usually many factors that come into play when we are talking about being overweight.

Studies have shown that everything from stress which increases cortisol, a stress hormone responsible for keeping many people overweight, to eating unhealthy, watching TV, and so on, all lead to gaining and keeping weight. So why would it be as simple as going to the gym to lose all the weight. My point is that it is all about lifestyle. You have to completely change the way you live your life.

Some things you would need to do to live a better lifestyle would be, exercising, reducing stress, finding work that you love, not to mention hanging out with positive people and having goals for the future. Excessive weight is only a symptom of a larger problem. Don’t treat the symptom by attempting extreme weight loss, treat the underlying cause and the symptoms will disappear.