How To Prevent Extreme Dandruff

If you are suffering from extreme dandruff, then you might want to consider some helpful treatment tips. If you have a healthy dandruff-free and smooth hair, still you should take precautionary measures on how to keep dandruff from forming and building up.

Dandruff is one of the common problems affecting many adults today. It is one of the leading skin disorders that can result to behavioral, sociological, and some physiological issues. Dandruff conditions can be mild to extreme and can become chronic.

Treating extreme dandruff can sometimes be unbearable and also tedious, so it is best to consult your physician for proper medication and remedy.

This article will provide you tips on how to stop and prevent extreme dandruff. Let me give you beforehand a general idea on what the symptoms are and its causative factors.

Causes of Extreme Dandruff

There are many factors leading to the build-up of extreme dandruff. They are either triggered internally or externally sometimes even both. Internal causes range from fungi e.g. M. restricta, M. globosa, and M. which normally thrives on scalp and secretes waste lipids causing seborrhoeic dermatitis, weak immune system due to certain illness, stress, or hormonal imbalance. On the other hand external elements can be from Contact dermatitis caused by powerful additives found in certain hair products to weather conditions.

List of 21 Causative Factors

  1. Fungus
  2. Bacteria
  3. Hormonal imbalance
  4. Heavy sweating
  5. Oily glands
  6. Stress
  7. Extreme weather conditions
  8. Allergies
  9. Heredity
  10. Constant use of hair coloring products, hair gel
  11. Hair curlers
  12. Illness
  13. Powerful shampoo additives
  14. Lack of combing
  15. Symptoms of Extreme Dandruff
  16. Severe flaking of the skin
  17. Scalp irritations
  18. Oily skin scalp
  19. Redness on the scalp
  20. Sore
  21. Slight wounds

Treating Extreme Dandruff

Treating dandruff needs careful and proper medication depending on the condition of the scalp. There are 3 ways to treat dandruff with: anti-dandruff shampoo, natural remedies, and special medicated treatments prescribed by doctors. If it comes to the point dandruff becomes severe and causing much of a burden, you should consult your dermatologist first.

  • Dandruff shampoos

Make sure to select best dandruff shampoos in the consumer market containing selenium sulfide, ketoconazole, salicylic acid, or cliclopirox. A lot of ketoconazole or selenium-based shampoos have been effective in controlling dandruff, and the best way to prevent dandruff from building-up, natural remedies should be applied on a regular basis too. Besides, natural remedies are also the best alternative to cure dandruff with hypersensitive skin.

  • 8 Natural Remedies
  1. Lots of Vitamin A, B1, and B2 complex intake
  2. Mix grapefruit extract with regular shampoo
  3. Massage scalp thoroughly with lime and vinegar
  4. Allow apple cider vinegar to absorb for an hour
  5. Mix tea tree oil with regular shampoo
  6. Massage scalp with warm coconut oil 2x a week
  7. Apply lemon juice with sugar thoroughly on scalp
  8. Wash hair with two tablespoon of green gram powder mixed with half-cup of curd at-least twice a week.
  • Suggested food diet
  1. Nutritional yeasts
  2. Whole grains
  3. Sardines
  4. Cauliflower
  5. Bananas
  6. nuts
  • 3 Foods that should be avoided
  1. Chocolates
  2. Dairy products
  3. Fatty foods

There are so many variations and ways in preventing extreme dandruff. Depending on the condition, you might want to consult your doctor, before you go for dandruff shampoo, or try natural remedies. It basically boils down to which method your dandruff condition is compatible with. So, when extreme dandruff attacks, carefully apply the suitable treatment. Lastly, for a longer healthy hair, use natural remedies for proper nutrient of the scalp and hair regularly and you’re better off.