How You Can Survive Extreme Heat Without an AC Unit

Dealing with extreme kinds of weather is becoming more and more common for us. Most people are getting pretty used to it, whether it is extreme cold or extreme heat. It is still not that easy though, when you are talking about extreme weather then there is just no way that you could expect it to be easy at all. There are ways on how it can be done, but you need to do a little studying and research to make sure that you do it right.

If you are dealing with extreme heat during the summer, it can get very uncomfortable for you and your family at home. Some people are especially prone to excessive heat and have a hard time whenever they are in the middle of it. They just can’t seem to function properly at all, and if they cannot find ways by which to deal with it then they really have to search a little more for it. And how about surviving extreme heat without any air conditioning unit at all? That’s a real challenge there. However, the following tips are meant to show how you can survive extreme heat without any AC unit.

  • You can circulate the air within your home through the use of ceiling fans and box fans. It would also be wise to open the doors of the house during the early part of the evening, while turning on the box fans in order to draw in the cooler air from the outside. The box fan would work as a kind of “exhaust system” that should serve to push out the warm air that’s within the home. When the night is cool, you should open the windows and doors to promote natural and cool air circulation.
  • A good way of dealing with extreme heat even though you do not have your AC units working is by eliminating all other sources of heat within your home. Always check to see if happen to leave any electrical appliance running even though there is no need or use for it, and that also goes for your computer. Not only would it make your home hotter, it would also drive up your electricity bills. Replace your incandescent bulbs with lighting fixtures that use up lesser energy and also give off lesser heat.
  • Be aware of the cooling effect of water. Take cool baths and showers and try to do it as often as possible. You can also make use of wet towels on your head and shoulders to keep you cool while staying at home throughout the day. Soaking your feet in basins of water while relaxing, watching TV, or reading a book is also a great way to cool yourself off on a hot day, without using your AC unit.
  • A good option is to just stay downstairs during the hot day. Since we know that hot air rises, the lower floors and the basement of your home would be a much better and cooler refuge than the top stairs during the day.