Notable Extreme Weather Facts

In the face of the increasing frequency of extreme weather events throughout the globe, the importance of being informed about it has never been greater. Instances of extreme weather have now become just that – extreme. Storms are now more severe than ever before, summers are more scorching hot, droughts are more prolonged and damaging, and winters are seemingly harsher than ever. And because of all that, there’s little doubt that we need to be more informed and more knowledgeable about the things that have been happening as far as the weather is concerned.

Loading up on information about extreme weather, the known and accepted facts that we about it, and its probable causes are certainly going to help us be better prepared if we only know of it. It wouldn’t just be helpful but also be extremely interesting to learn, like the question of whether global warming does have any connection to extreme weather events, if it actually does cause it. Then there are also the other facts about severe weather that are worth knowing about, it would at least make us all prepared in dealing with whatever is going to come along.

Global Warming and Extreme Weather

There has always been the assumption that global warming and extreme weather events are directly linked. But, assumptions aside, it would be best to really take a closer look and examine if there are indeed any real connection between global warming and the crazy that we’ve experienced in the last few years.

Were used to hearing how global warming is supposed to be behind each and every flood, harsh storm, or drought that’s considered to be a manifestation of extreme weather. The truth, however, shows that this question cannot be answered as readily and as definitively as we would like. This is because of the sheer unpredictability and variability of the weather in any part of the world.

If you say that looking at trends would be helpful in making a more solid conclusion, that might be correct but it is going to take plenty of time. More definite answers might be forthcoming in the years ahead, but right now it is still not considered enough. This is pretty understandable if the records that are required are pretty hard to find and in some cases it might even be missing or non-existent. That would certainly be a problem that needs to be addressed, if we are to fully understand the correlation between global warming and extreme weather.

This is not to say that global warming is being ruled out as a significant factor for extreme weather events, though. In fact, it has effects and can certainly impact the weather in various places in the world. An example is the increase in warmth in the atmosphere. Compared to how it was about 40 years ago, the atmosphere today actually holds four percent more water vapor. This is a direct consequence of increased temperatures and as a result, there would be more rainfalls to be expected.