Extreme Weight Loss is Risky at Best

America is more overweight than ever, so it is almost understandable how so many people get caught in the trap of extreme weight loss. Extreme diets are a potentially deadly trap that desperate people attempt because they are extremely frustrated with their situation. To make matters worse it is almost impossible to find solid information out there that doesn’t conflict.

What is one to do with so much misleading information about diet, exercise, and nutrition? One thing not to do is attempt to lose extreme amounts of weight in attempt to kick-start you weight loss action plan and here are some reasons why.

Reason one- Losing extreme amounts of weight is extremely dangerous. If you have certain medical conditions it can even be deadly. Sometimes people even cut back severely on the amount of water they take in believing that they won’t retain water weight if they take in less water. You can see that mis-information is not only annoying it can be dangerous. Your body needs nutrients on a regular basis to function properly, the list of problems that can occur if you attempt extreme weight loss tactics is enormous.

Reason two- It is painful. Starving yourself is not fun; going days or weeks on severe deficiencies of food is a horrible way to live. The lack of energy and the mood swings one experiences on severe calorie deficits is uncomfortable to say the least. One often becomes sick easily and can vomit in extreme cases.

Reason three- It is unnecessary. The best way to lose weight is healthfully. The issue of weight loss has to with lifestyle. The key is to begin to change your lifestyle and the extra weight will follow. If for example you never exercise then it’s time to figure out what it is that will motivate you to exercise. You can actually lose weight relatively quickly once you make a shift to a healthy lifestyle. The best part is that these changes are more permanent as apposed to a quick fix.

Ultimately, losing weight really isn’t about the food we eat, whether or not we exercise or lift weights, it is about the way we think. The mistake most people make is that they get focused purely on the goal of weight loss and they wonder why they get burned out in the gym or can’t lose the weight, ultimately leading to some form of extreme weight loss diet. There are usually many factors that come into play when we are talking about being overweight.

Studies have shown that everything from stress which increases cortisol, a stress hormone responsible for keeping many people overweight, to eating unhealthy, watching TV, and so on, all lead to gaining and keeping weight. So why would it be as simple as going to the gym to lose all the weight. My point is that it is all about lifestyle. You have to completely change the way you live your life.

Some things you would need to do to live a better lifestyle would be, exercising, reducing stress, finding work that you love, not to mention hanging out with positive people and having goals for the future. Excessive weight is only a symptom of a larger problem. Don’t treat the symptom by attempting extreme weight loss, treat the underlying cause and the symptoms will disappear.

The Art of Extreme Testing


Objective of a software development is to produce a error free product in less time with all effective manner so that which can satisfy the client. Always a Developer tries to write error free and runnable code. On the other hand a tester finds bugs in all possible ways. It may happen each time a product requires changes in features or modification in functionality. In order to get rid of all these problems Extreme Testing is really a ideal solution.


Extreme Testing is based on Extreme Development. In this testing process no need of two developers rather a developer and a tester work as a team. The four important features of Extreme Programming are:

Simplicity–Always try to make simpler to meet current requirements.

Communication–Make sure that you are aware of the features and its role in the project. Otherwise communicate with all the features of the project soon.

Feedback–Provide information back to the programmer who produce the code when you find a problem with the code you are using.

Aggressiveness–Show your aggressiveness to a project even if any changes will not be made soon.

Extreme testing can be defined as achieving the target, increasing the testability and minimizing the variability of the system under the test. The extreme testing normally takes place at the developer workstation. In first step to Extreme testing, a formal test plan will be available at this point , but this process can work very well with free-form testing at such an early stage in the testing process.


Extreme testing starts with the Extreme Programming Project work. Design, Implementation and testing all happen together under Incremental Development. Then what will be our approach in such testing?Yes, its approach is little bit different from other type of testing. Extreme testing follows certain steps:

1. Test cases are written before coding and Unit test,End-to-End testing of each classes are done in this section.

2. A tester performs all types of testing as per user requirements.

3. Make sure that all unit tests should perform 100% at every time. All Unit

Tests must pass before a component is allowed to be integrated.

4. All Acceptance Tests must be properly documented.

5.All Acceptance Tests and Regression Tests must pass before a Release is made.

6. Automate any test when it makes sense and where it is possible.

The process begins with the tester in charge of the keyboard and the mouse, working with the system under test. When the tester finds something they think is an issue, they and the developer are immediately able to examine and discuss it – much more quickly coming to an understanding of the issue, and deciding together whether it is in fact a defect that needs to be fixed. This immediate discussion and shared understanding is something that will take much more time if it is done later as part of the formal testing process.

In this process, the developer will be able to quickly fix the problem, rebuild the system, and the tester will verify the fix immediately. The problem has been handled, does not need formal documentation, and testing can continue. In the early stages of testing, this happens more frequently than you might think – and the speed and productivity of this Extreme Testing is like lighting compared with the later and more formal testing process.


If we analyze this process we can get a number of benefits from Extreme Testing. Extreme testing keeps software soft. There is no fear of modification or change in software. Continuous testing process brings confidence to Developer. As code passes unit test ,it creates reliability on product and it also brings customer satisfaction. Knowledge exchange can be possible through code reviews. In this process the same bug can not be re-introduced. Whenever you are confident in code no need to test it more.

Do Extreme Diets Work?

All too often, you may be tempted by promises of a fast weight loss with very little effort. It’s time to consider whether these extreme diets actually work and whether they’re a good choice for you. Remember, the key to weight loss is that it lasts for a long time, decades if you do it right. You have to be sure that the extreme diet that you’re using won’t backfire on you and lead to a long term weight gain.

But what are extreme diets, anyway? How do you identify them?

Let’s say that a diet is extreme if it involves a drastic method of weight loss and promises that this will lead to a very fast reduction in weight. For instance, if a diet involves cutting your calories to 600 a day (and this is just an example as this number may vary) then you’re looking at a very low calorie diet. This may lead to weight loss but it will likely be mostly water weight. This will also lead to a slowdown in your metabolism and result in long term weight gain.

A diet may also be extreme if it involves eating the same kind of food over and over again. A diet with a single dominant food is not balanced and will not be healthy either. These diets usually hide the fact that they are simply low on calories and pretend that the food they focus on has some magical weight loss properties.

As I said, you can lose weight fast with extreme diets. However, this is likely to be made up of mostly water and not fat. In addition, these kinds of extreme diet plans are very hard to stick to for a long time. They are so restrictive and depriving that they can prove to be a real torment to do. If you’re looking for a long term solution, you need a routine that you can live with for weeks and maybe even months. Otherwise, you may lose weight but it won’t be enough to get you to your ultimate goal.

Extreme diets sound like a lot of fun. You tend to focus on the promise they hold: helping you to lose a lot of weight quickly. However, before you rush to do one of these diets, make sure that you know what it will really require of you, whether you’ll be able to handle it, and whether there are other, easier options.

Extreme Jealousy in a Relationship – How It Affects A Marriage

Before talking about extreme jealousy in a relationship, first, what is jealousy?

Jealousy in a relationship like marriage is a common human emotion. When married couples believe that they have exclusive ownership of their spouses, jealousy is normal between couples. It occurs when a spouse is threatened by a person who he or she believes is a rival. Spouses have this feeling of ownership towards their partners that they feel jealous or threatened when they believe a rival appears and might steal their precious spouse. Jealousy can either be based on real threats or imagined threats. It can be either healthy or unhealthy to a marriage.

Is Jealousy Bad?

Jealousy can be healthy and good in a marriage. If jealousy is constructive in a way that it makes couples to be more sensitive with each other’s feelings, to communicate more, to show more affection to each other and it reminds them of their love and commitment to each other, then it is good. A little jealousy is an affirmation that couples value and love each other so much that they don’t want to lose each other.

But if jealousy becomes extreme, irrational and threatens to destroy a marriage, then jealousy is bad. If one spouse irrationally believes that his or her spouse is unfaithful and mistakenly feels threatened by a rival who doesn’t exist, then the problem in the marriage comes in.

Extreme jealousy in a relationship occurs when one spouse compares himself or herself to others or to someone she or he perceives as a rival and eventually creates a feeling of inferiority, insecurity and inadequacy. The jealous spouse may also had a history of being abandoned or left behind by loved ones.

How extreme jealousy in a relationship affects a marriage?

Extreme jealousy in a relationship can result to a troubled marriage. Too many efforts are wasted on unnecessary jealousy. Irrational jealousy in a relationship leads to irrational thoughts and emotions resulting to unacceptable behavior. Extreme jealousy in a relationship produces a wide range of consequences from humiliation to violence. The jealous spouse may engage in unacceptable stalking behavior to investigate his or her suspicions which may include searching the spouse’s clothes and personal possessions like phones and social media accounts, personally interrogate spouse, surprise visits to work, unreasonable phone calls to work and some go to extreme lengths by hiring a private investigator or engage in violence to make their spouse confess.

People who are healthy become jealous only in the presence of real threats and their actions can be dictated by real evidences. They are not close minded and they can change or modify their reactions based on new information and evidences. While unhealthy people suffering from extreme jealousy believes that their spouses are unfaithful based on unfounded evidences. They refuse to change their beliefs or their minds even in the face of conflicting information showing their spouses are innocent. This kind of jealousy can ruin a marriage.

The partner of the jealous spouse can also develop anxiety and depression from being accused constantly or from having a troubled marriage. This extreme jealousy in a relationship can be really destructive to a marriage.

Extreme jealousy in a relationship can affect not only the marriage but also the couple’s children. The jealous spouse can go to extreme lengths of asking their children to spy on the accused parent to satisfy his or her suspicions. The couple’s children may become emotionally and physically abused if they constantly witness arguments and violence in their household.

As a whole extreme jealousy in a relationship like marriage is not healthy and can be destructive not only to the couples but also to their children. It is important to learn how to deal with extreme jealousy in a relationship and it is best for couples to seek professional help if their marriage is marred by irrational jealousy before it becomes too late.