The Apple Airport Extreme: Ideal Wireless Device for the Home, Office or School

Just recently, Apple released the newer version of its Airport Extreme Base Stations. Expectedly, one can find not just a single Apple Airport Extreme Review that was released online just within days or even hours from the release of the said product, but many reviews both praising and criticizing the product. These reviews were made by both known tech websites as well as by avid Apple product fans. Though these reviews may generally vary with another in terms of content, the overall sentiment by the reviewers was that the Airport Extreme is a sleek, well-performing router that can be easily used even by a novice Mac user.

One feature that was an important subject matter of an Apple Airport Extreme Review is the physical design of the router. Having no external antenna, the Airport Router appears as a sleek, white, cube-like gadget. For many this is a big factor since the said design is very aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes. It also fits well just into any modern environment. Another feature of the router is the high reliability of its networking performance. Several users can testify as to the improved reliability of the performance of the router as compared to its predecessor. They do not complain of any freezing up or malfunctions that interfere with the enjoyment of internet access through WiFi.

Aside from these, the Airport Router also provides for an easy setup procedure. Though lacking a web interface, the router offers installation software that can be easily configured within minutes because of the help of the wizard mode. This is especially helpful for those that are just starting out as Mac users. Novice users will find that installing the device is even easier than just having to install it with a web interface.

The router can accommodate up to 50 connected devices and has 3 Ethernet outlets. In addition, the router has a USB port than can be connected to an external drive or a printer. Once attached, computers that are linked via the router can also access the printer or the external drive. Taking all of these features in consideration, the Airport Extreme is a perfect wireless device for the home, office or school. Despite maybe one Apple Airport Extreme Review that looks at the limited connectivity of the router to just 50 computers with disfavor, many adhere to this feature as ensuring the reliability and stability of the performance of the router.