Why Your Relationship Needs to Be Extremely Balanced If It Is to Succeed

Life is not black or white. Life is between the two. The best type of life does not accept EXTREME. The best type of life develops in a balanced way.

  • If we are thrown from extreme happiness when we are in a relationship to destroy when we are not, then we live with EXTREMES.
  • If we are desperate and truly fascinated when we are with our partners, only to be truly miserable when they are not with us, then we allow EXTREM to regulate our existence.

Of course we all want to be happy when we are with someone special, and of course we miss that person when we are not with them, but we need to be balanced in managing our situation.

  • If we are too desperate and in need then the flame will burn quickly and our lovers will be bored with us too.
  • If we truly depend on others for our sense of happiness, worthiness or well-being, then we are headed for failure because we are hopeless – despair is EXTREME.
  • If we are totally dependent on others to make us feel better about ourselves, then we are destined to push everyone away – need is EXTREME.
  • If we work too much or play too hard then we behave EXTREME and we don’t have a sense of balance.
  • If we give too much and don’t take care of ourselves, this EXTREME behavior will cause us to fatigue.
  • If we take too much and not think about others, this EXTREME ETHIMICS will undermine our core.
  • If we have a rigid agenda, we will always be disappointed by others.
  • If we live without direction, we will always disappoint others.
  • If we are not realistic, we will disappoint ourselves.
  • If we don’t have goals or dreams, we will never challenge ourselves.

When you are confronted with EXTREME emotions or EXTREME situations, try to find a balanced alternative – get rid of drama, work through dilemmas, don’t let nightmares control you, learn to control yourself and you will be better for it.

EXTREME is not conducive to balance.

EXTREM is only useful for tyrants.